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Tom BergTom BergDeaflympics
The greatest coach in deaf track and field history. A many time Deaflympics coach dating back to the 1950’s producing gold medals, American and World records for the United States. Longtime coach of Gallaudet University developing strong league teams and school records. The driving force behind the organizing of DAFUS (USADTF) which gave deaf athletes a national program. A member of Gallaudet University Hall of Fame. Gallaudet University Athletics Department honored Berg by naming the track in his name, Thomas O. Berg Track at Hotchkiss Field.

Ruth SeegerRuth SeegerDeaflympics
The “First Lady” of deaf track and field. She was the only woman on the USA-Deaflympics team in the 1950’s. She was multi-talented competing in the sprints and jumps. She was dedicated to developing young Texas athletes, encouraging them to make USA-Deaflympics teams. Many won medals and set records because of her technically sound coaching. She set the standard for USA-Deaflympics’ coaches over a twenty year period. A member of Gallaudet University Hall of Fame.


Betsy BachtelBetsy BachtelDeaflympics
(1977 Bucharest, 1981 Köln, & 1985 Los Angeles) – Three Deaflympics Medal winner, two gold among a total of six distance medals. Established a world record for 3000m and American records for 800m, 1500m, and 5000m. Served as USADTF Chairperson 1991-1994 and a staff member for the USA/Deaflympics 1997 Denmark Team. A member of Gallaudet University Hall of Fame.

Robert CorbettRobert “Bob” CorbettDeaflympics
(1961 Helsinki & 1965 Washington, DC) – Established a world record for the discus in 1963. And outstanding technical throwing coach serving with several USA Deaflympics teams. Extremely knowledgeable, a gifted motivator and role model for coaches of all ages to emulate. A member of Gallaudet University Hall of Fame.

Sherrie JacksonSherrie JacksonDeaflympics
(1981 Köln & 1985 Los Angeles) – Unquestionably the greatest sprinter in USA history. Won three gold medals each at the 1981 and 1985 Deaflympics in the 100m, 200m and anchored the 4x100m relay. Also medaled in the long jump. Former world record holder in the 100m and 200m.

Stephan KugelStephan KugelDeaflympics
(1957 Milan) – American’s greatest distance runner during the 1950’s. Silver medalist at the 1957 Deaflympics in the 10,000m. As a college runner, became the only Gallaudet athlete to ever win the Mason-Dixon two mile title; an exceptional cross country runner serving as an inspiration to his teammates. A member of Gallaudet University Hall of Fame.


Donalda AmmonsDonalda Ammons
(1985-2004) – Continuous involvement providing exceptional leadership with USADTF (Charter Member), USA Deaflympics Chairperson, CISS/ICSD American representative, Etc. A faculty member at Gallaudet University. A member of Gallaudet University Hall of Fame.

Donna BarkerDonna “Suzy” BarkerDeaflympics
(1969 Belgrade & 1973 Malmö) – A sprinter hurdler winning two gold with an outstanding 14.7 hurdle time, the best of her day!

Jennifer BodyJennifer BodyDeaflympics
(1981 Köln, 1985 Los Angeles, 1989 Christchurch & 1993 Sofia) – Gold medal 4x100m Relay (World Record) and silver medal 100m hurdles in 1981, double gold medals 100m Hurdles (World Record) and 4x100n Relay (World Record) in 1985, another double gold medals in 1989 winning the 100m hurdles and 100m dash, Exceptional!

Leo Bond IIILeo Bond IIIDeaflympics
(1973 Malmö & 1977 Bucharest) – First American to win both the 400m and 800m at both 1973 and 1977 Deaflympics. One time (1977) he held the world record in the 400m in 47.0 AND still holds the world record in the 800m at 1:49.7!

Jack GriffinJack Griffin
(1965, 1985, 1989) – Founder and Charter Member DAFUS (now USADTF). Meet Director for first National Cross Country Championship in 1986 and again in 1996. Meet Director 1988 USA Deaflympics Trials and 1998 Russian/Canadian/USA exchange meet. Helped send 8 MSD athletes to Deaflympics and win medals first National Prep School girls Championship.

Louise HudsonLouise HudsonDeaflympics
(1973 Malmö & 1977 Bucharest) – The best 400m runner in USA deaf history with a 57.1 effort which this currently still stands as American Record for over 35 years. Won a team gold medal for the 4x400m relay event. A member of Gallaudet University Hall of Fame for track and cross country.

Connie JohnstonConnie JohnstonDeaflympics
(1985 Los Angeles & 1989 Christchurch) – Deaflympics’ World Record heptathlon gold; World Record 6′ 0″ high jump. The best multi-talented athlete in USADTF and Deaflympics games history. Made a hearing USA junior heptathlon team competing in Canada.

James MacFaddenJames MacFaddenDeaflympics
(1961 Helsinki) – MAC as he was known at Gallaudet won 5 medals at the 1961 Helsinki Deaflympics; Gold in the 200m, 4x100m relay, 4x400m relay, and Olympic relay. Silver in the 400m. The Olympic relay was called the Swedish relay, and was subsequently discontinued. MAC also was regarded as the all-time flanker on the Gallaudet football team. He was good! A member of Gallaudet University Hall of Fame.

Stephen McCalleyStephen McCalleyDeaflympics
(1973 Malmö, 1977 Bucharest, 1981 Köln & 1985 Los Angeles) – Unquestionably the GREATEST long distance runner in American history, he NEVER GOLD Medaled in both 1500m and 5000m. However, he still holds the World Record in the 1500m at 3:49.3. Missed a certain win in the 1500m at the 1977 Deaflympics due to a serious intestinal ailment.

Edwin John SmithEdwin John SmithDeaflympics
(1953 Brussels & 1957 Milan) – He was the First American in Deaflympics history to win both Gold medals in the 200m and 400m in 1953. Subsequently, at the Milan Deaflympics, he placed first in the 200m, 2nd in the 100m and 3rd in the 400m. He was among the members of the 4x100m relay to win the Gold. A member of Gallaudet University Hall of Fame.

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